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Chelsey has a depth of wisdom, patience, and compassion that is palpable in her Spiritual Mentoring sessions. She is masterful at holding a non-judgmental space while also asking the questions that take you deeper to find your own truth. In a one hour session, I had a profound “ah-ha moment” about a way that I was unknowingly sabotaging myself and how to reverse it naturally and easily. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to work with her!
— Ionsul Ferrin
Chelsey’s creative unpacking session was extremely helpful and provided new insight on my project and how to recognize and address blocks that might stall my productivity. As a result of her sessions, I am thinking on a deeper level about my career and how I can expand upon it. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for new ways to think about a project.
— Jerry Rapp
I really enjoyed the focused attention and clarity I received through intimate and personal discussion. The guidance is pure and honest.
— Laura Laire
My session with Chelsey was extremely eye-opening and helpful. She used her skills and intuition to guide me to answers and clarity that I had been desperately seeking. I have been implementing her suggestions and am feeling lighter and more aligned than I did before we worked together. I would highly recommend her both business and spiritual counsel.
— Stephanie M.
My “Creative Unpacking” session with Chelsey Moïse was exactly what it sounds like- an opportunity to sort through my personal baggage. Along the way, I discovered a small backpack that I didn’t even know I’ve been dragging around, unloaded some items weighing down a duffel bag, and realized that the contents of two briefcases could actually be combined into one rolling carry-on. I truly appreciate Chelsey holding sacred space for me to come to my own clarity and ended the session feeling less burdened and excited to keep traveling the Path.
— Mia Lena