chelsey MOÏSE

Enneagram 7, INFJ

“I believe Creativity and Divinity are One.

I believe we all are here to Create.

I believe when we create, the Earth feels joy.

I believe we are responsible for the state of our Being.

I believe we each fill a unique role in the Divine Interplay.

I believe we are all the Divine experiencing Itself, and with that knowledge we can more easily accept life as It unfolds, however chaotic and messy it may be.

I believe in the power of a listening heart.

I believe the Divine longs for me as I long for the Divine, with even more depth and weight.

I believe my role is to create a sense of community wherever I go.

I believe creativity, movement and community are essential to a thriving human being.

I believe peace happens when we can stand fully in our Sovereignty.”


Chelsey Moïse is a spiritual guide and creative catalyst for the divine. She has worked with artists, authors, screenwriters, business owners, entrepreneurs, spiritual directors, a myriad of coaches, and more.

Chelsey is a source of encouragement, wisdom and guidance for creatives, entrepreneurs, and seekers on the spiritual path. She believes that creativity is our birthright, and that the creative block has a beginning point that can be witnessed through intuitive questioning and somatic listening. 

Creativity and Divinity are One, and Chelsey believes a creative block begins within the spirit. Her sessions are sacred portals led by Spirit, and she utilizes a number of tools from different sacred arts to receive guidance and grounding for you.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance for your creative or business project, Chelsey's work is calling you to her. She works on a sliding scale basis, so please inquire if you are needing financial assistance or desiring a trade of services. 

You can schedule a session here: wildcontemplative.com/offerings


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The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.
— St. Teresa of Avila